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With it’s 20 years of experience in shipping, our Chartering department has the opportunity to reach vessels and cargoes from range Coaster to Supramax. 
We serve you with the right freight and the right vessel for all major dry bulk commodities. Includes; Steel products, Scrap, Iron Ore, Fertilizers (Calcium Nitrate, AN, Ure, DAP, NPK), Agricultural Commodities (Barley, Wheat, Corn, Animal Feed), Sulfur, Coal, Petcoke, Cement products, Silica sand, Salt and many other dry cargo products. 
By acting as a bridge between charterer and shipowner, with voyage and TC chartering models,  we provide the most effective chartering service in line with the requests of all parties.



DORBULK Shipping & Chartering was founded by Buğra Güngör in 2022 in Istanbul. 

With his 5 years of experience in Ocean-Going vessels, he has been promoted to Ocean-Going Chief Officer. 
After completing his Master's degree in Shipping Management at London City College in England in 2009, Buğra completed the education program at The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers in 2014 and he become a member of the ICS the same year. He is currently holding the ''Fellow '' title in ICS, where there are only a limited number of senior members granted his title in Turkey.

After 15 years of brokerage and chartering experience blended with 5 years of onboard experience and he decided to open DORBULK in his 20th year of career.

On the other hand, he has served as Head of Dry Cargo and Chartering Manager of Turkey's leading iron&steel, petrochemical, fertilizer and shipowner companies. In his career, he has been highly involved with Coaster, Handysize, Supramax & Panamax shipments filled chartering activities.

DORBULK aims to offer its customers the most effective, reasonable and realistic solutions with its domestic and international contacts and wide shipowner-operator network. 
Ship chartering and brokerage services are tailor-made in line with the needs of our customers.

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